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Amazing but hard print

I believe that this was probably one of my most difficult prints. The walls were so thin, so much support needed, and it has gotten cold so I had to heat the room to use my resin. Then there was the customers story about their daughters rare ❤️. I had to print it for them.

Testing Resin

I have been doing some testing on some new resin. This is a mix of strong and flexible. It should help with miniatures and small pieces, making them a bit less fragile.


DIgiGeekMedia has a new tool in their shop. We now have a 40W Laser Cutter/Engraver. We are working to get it setup and running.

New SLA printer results

We received our first SLA printer yesterday, got it setup, and ran a test print. (Monster can inserted for size comparison. This could lead to some amazing small prints in the near future.  

Expanding our printers

We will be expanding our printing capabilities.  We have ordered a low end SLA  resin printer to add to our FDM printer.  We will be working on some smaller, high resolution prints to add to our Etsy store soon.  Stay tuned.

Farscape DRD, mostly 3D printed but turned out amazing!

After many hours of 3D printing, testing, redesigning, printing, testing ….. I finally finished a DRD replica from the show Farscape.  I took it to DragonCon this year to show off my project and famdon.  Gigi Edgely found me driving the DRD in the Mariot hotel on Thursday night. I got a picture with her and

Another Etsy item available:Bokken

We have completed another item to put up on Etsy. Now available: 340mm/300mm 3D Printed & Hand Finished Bokken for 60cm or 30cm Smartdoll or other similar scale ball jointed doll #digigeekmedia #3dPrinted #Smartdoll #balljointeddoll #dollfie