Farscape DRD, mostly 3D printed but turned out amazing!

After many hours of 3D printing, testing, redesigning, printing, testing ….. I finally finished a DRD replica from the show Farscape.  I took it to DragonCon this year to show off my project and famdon.  Gigi Edgely found me driving the DRD in the Mariot hotel on Thursday night. I got a picture with her and she told me that there was a Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge live going on Friday and that I should enter it into the competition. Friday I went to the prejudging and entered my DRD. I got to meet Brian Henson, Kirk Thatcher, and Halle Stanford at the pre-judging. I knew the contest required it to be a unique character however I mainly wanted to see if I could even get to meet them. They interviewed me and checked out the DRD. Brian Henson said “it looks just like the ones from the show” So cool. After the interview, I was asked if I wanted to be on the live part of the show. I of course said Sure. I rushed down to the ball room to prepare for my stage presence. I was so nervous. I got on stage second in line and drove it around the stage even though it got stuck on all the stage tape. It was so cool. After the winner was announced (no, not me) I got a chance to chat with Brian and Gigi and asked them to autograph my DRD. They both agreed. Man that was so cool. This will be something I will talk about forever.

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You can see the video of the live show here.

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